Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Don't mow the meadow...

The 'meadow' area has been weeded and prepped as we've decided to continue to sow an annual meadow despite being a little disappointed with last years results. We've also decided to continue to use Pictorial Meadows annual seed varieties though this year we've changed the mix. For the last three seasons we sowed their 'classic mix' which for the first two years gave outstanding results - really beautiful. However, last season the same mix proved to be a little disappointing. I guess there are many reasons and factors that can explain why it was a little below par but life's too short to analyse the many ifs and maybes so this year we've sown 'blue wave' which incidentally was the mixture used outside the Aqua centre at the London Olympics - impressive eh? I hope so!

If we really can have a field of shimmering blue then we'll be happy, very happy though I can almost guarantee  some self seeders from last year will punctuate the colour scheme with a rogue hue here and there and that the - impossible to eradicate - bind weed will remain just that.

Above is the meadow in 2013 with its first flush of poppies following a sowing of Classic mix. Later in the year the succession changed to a yellow and gold theme as you can see in the photo below. This year's sowing, though altogether different promises to be really special if all goes well - I mean, who doesn't like blue flowers?