Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Chateau Neuvic Jardin en Fête

 Sunday saw the annual garden festival held in and around the truly manifique  Chateau et Parc Botanique de Neuvic  just north of Perigueux.

The strong spring sunshine belies a blustery tale. A couple of squally showers blew through during the course of the day - no fun at all if you've an unsecured parasol covering your pitch.

Such a stunning place to visit. The chateau was originally built in 1520, with various additions, mullioned windows, battlements and chapel added over the following centuries. The botanical parc was created in 1993.

As ever at these events, there's always diverse crafts on show. These benches are being put together from green chestnut, the back being cut to shape in the photo.

Bill Carter's clever 'upcycling' of redundant old farm and garden tools is always fun.

Happy bat below was so good we took him home.

Lunch under a vaulted ceiling.

Not exactly a culinery extravaganza, but perfectly accetable and together with

a warm log fire - very convivial.

Friday, 18 April 2014

J'adore Les Asperges

Asparagus season has been underway for a week or two now. It'll be all things asparagus for at least another month.

The French preference is for the blanched, white asparagus. The black polythene keeps photosynthesis away - no chlorophyll here.

This is the courtyard to one of the most magnificent asparagus farms around.

It's been in his family for generations.

With views to the villages and chateaux of Beynac and Castelnaud, the panorama is also magnifique.

Et Voilà.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Meadow Prep - (From This To This)

Many hours of digging and tilling and the meadow area is ready. I'm waiting for the bloody bindweed to appear and then spray it off. It's the only way, those roots are everywhere, more so following the rotovating which cuts them into a million pieces all ready to sprout and continue the cycle. Once they're dealt with I'll sow. I'm aiming for about two weeks time, three weeks later than in previous years, which makes sense on many fronts, primarily to give me time  to deal with the bindweed, but also to enable the meadow to 'peak' a little later and continue through to October.

I've decided to sow Pictorial Meadows Classic Mix again. It didn't perform as well last year than the previous which I put down almost entirely to oversowing.  That's it above in June, poppies are the star of the show.

Later into July and things gradually turn gold.