Saturday, 21 June 2014

Make Time For Wine (Again)

We took off in the car and headed to wine country last Tuesday. Only an hour away and you're amongst the appellations of Bergerac, Pécharmant, Montravel and many more.  Grabbed these photos of cave, Julien de Savignac just outside Bergerac within the Monbazillac region.

This is a beautiful place to buy wine!

This is the good stuff.

Drink it in the garden.

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Blues

Every year I manage to underestimate just how big catmint will get. Even after much spring division, giving away large chunks, still it does it's thing and fills out almost every inch to where it started. On the flipside I also always to manage to forget how beautiful catmint is.  June is it's best month.

Salvia nemorosa is just starting to colour up. The colour of dark denim and possibly the best blue equalled only by the blue of Lavender 'Hidcote' which flowers later on.

Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'. I still reckon this is the prettiest blue geranium though not the longest flowering.

Campanula muralis cloaks the terrace at La Forge. The wall bellflower crops up everywhere and seems to colonise regardless of sun or shade.