Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sarlat Fête de la Truffe 2014

Sarlat's fête de la truffe continues today.

Chappie on the right (a la droite) is a wiley 'ol Perigourdine fox - in the nicest of ways.
That truffle is 550 euro to you. That's not all, I've seen him back in October with armfuls of the best Cepes, plus he'll sell you the finest Charente Oysters by the dozen.

I've never seen so many truffles. Alright, well at least not for twelve months - since the last fete.

The radio people are there.

TV coverage from around the world. This is NTD TV. New Tang Dynasty Television. Chinese interest in this corner of the world continues to grow rapidly, particulary across into Bordeaux where they are the principle buyers of traditional Chateaux and wine estates.

Of course there was plenty to eat. High gastronomy indeed!

Bon weekend à tous! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Bonne Année (Errm, And French Roundabouts)

Happy New Year!

  I was at a loss as to what to post up which had some relevance to wishing everyone a brilliant 2014 and guess what, I'm still at a a loss. So with absolutely no relevance at all, here are some photographs of a few of the local roundabouts.

Bearing in mind this is Walnut, Duck, Goose and Truffle country you have to admire the decoration of these roundabouts being true to the terroir, here in the Perigord Noir.

You ever see a Walnut that big? No, well you will on the D46 in Sarlat.

Truffles the size of Spacehoppers. 

Roundabouts are called rond-point in French. Strikes me that they are viewed as little opportunities for a nifty bit of conceptual landscaping - they may even improve traffic flow!

Of course you are never far away from anything Goose or Duck.

A gaggle of Geese as you approach Perigueux.

There's more to follow. I may even start a series as the decoration of circular intersection knows no bounds in these parts. Tobacco barns, vineyards, the list goes on.