Monday, 26 August 2013

Mushroom season in the Périgord

There was four or five hours steady rain yesterday, useful rain, everything's better for it following a hot and dry July and August.

There were people in the woods this morning. Lot's of people, at the crack of dawn and all on a misson to find the king of mushrooms, the Cepe, Porcini to the Italians, Penny Bun to you and me. The flipside of a wet Sunday afternoon is a mushroom harvest early this morning which until now has been in short supply this late Summer.

Boletus edulis fetch a high price in the markets of Paris or London, but in the Dordogne you can find them for free if you know where and what to look for.

There'll be other mushrooms too.

Maybe Safron Milkcap, which sound so much better when called Lactaire Délicieux or possibly Orange de Bordeaux.

All in all, mushroom season is slowly getting underway. These are all pictures from the archives but next market I visit, I'll take the camera.

Bon Appétit