Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More Meadow

Last year's 'meadow' planting was a beautiful thing - a definite success and first on my list of garden must do's for 2013.

I intend to increase the area  a little, though a little may become a fair bit if I'm feeling energetic enough to strip the turf and dig over the soil, something which should be easier than last year when, following drought and subsequent high temperatures in March, was seriously back- breaking and left me full of regret at even attempting the thing.

I've ordered seed from Pictorial Meadows again. This was a little tricky this year (more choice) as they've introduced more seed mixes than 2012 following Professor Nigel Dunnet's success with planting beautiful, vast areas at the London Olympics.  I was almost ready to buy the new 'Blue Wave' mix, which is described as 'reflecting the shimmering blue waters of the Aqua Centre' but plumped for the safety of the Classic mix, which I planted last year and was amazed at the colour changes from red through to gold during the course of the season.

To be continued...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bonne Année - with Truffles!

It's the annual Fête de la Truffe in Sarlat this coming weekend. Karen and I will have to miss it this year, we're away visiting friends and family but there'll be other years. The weekly Saturday market will still continue to be perfumed with the scent of the 'Black Diamond' through 'til February - so there'll still be 'truffly' opportunities!

There's a cookery 'theatre', truffle hunting demonstrations and loads of fabulous atmosphere.

These are some photos from last year.