Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Le Miroir d'eau - Bordeaux

The heatwave continues. Yesterday Karen and I headed off to Bordeaux for the day. We needn't have worried about the heat as we cooled off under the wafting chill water mist which is pumped up from underground at Le Miroir d'eau, the water 'mirror', opposite La Place de la Bourse, the old stock exchange.

It seemed the entire city had descended there to chill down. After a good few minutes mist, the water pumps up through the pavement, bubbling through holes and floods the entire square to a depth of a few inches. Very refreshing.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Too Hot

It's too hot to do anything at the moment. Best just to loaf where possible, certainly avoid lifting a finger in the garden - much too sweaty. 

On 35 degree days, it's easier just to visit the archives and post a few photos of Summer in the Dordogne, like above and below, Les Jardins de Cadiot.

 Hotel Cromagnon. Built into the rock face and covered in campsis, the trumpet vine.

Night markets - Summer en Fete.

The River Dordogne.

Sleepy hamlets are literally everywhere.

The Pictorial Meadow, here at Le Banquet.

Canoeing from Vitrac

Land of 1001 chateaux.

Warm evenings,  BBQ weather.