Sunday, 24 June 2012

Violette de Provence

It has to be the best named artichoke there is.  Of some culinary significance, I'm tempted to eat this one but, nah, it'll flower soon, mauve and thistly, rising out of the salvia and gaura.

It looks great with sea holly massed behind it.  In fact,  talking sea holly,

I cannot believe how steely blue eryngium planum 'Jade frost' is becoming. Soon they'll all turn, should make quite a picture!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pictorial Meadows Encore

What a difference 8 or 9 weeks make!

The meadowy area I sowed back in April has started to come into flower - quite a change if you compare it to here.

The initial 'flush' is red, courtesy of the poppies which will gently calm down as more white populates the area.  I can already see the buds of ammi majus, the bishop's flower, and the blues of cornflower starting to happen. The whole colour will slowly change to yellow and gold as the Tickseed and Corn marigold come into flower towards the end of Summer.

I particularly like the Red orache which could get quite tall if the season isn't too dry.

As I mentioned previously, I sowed the Pictorial Meadows 'Classic' mix - so far so good.