Thursday, 3 February 2011

Now and Then

I don't know what it is about pruning roses, but at this time of the year it's perhaps the singularly most positive outside activity I find myself doing during the depths of winter.
At a time when there really ain't much happening dan le jardin, It feels good to get back outdoors and thoughtfully take steps to shape and rejuvenate things- I get something of a 'lift' as I cut back each branch or stem and with milder temperatures (forecast for fifteen degrees centigrade this weekend) spring doesn't feel far.

Rose 'Golden Showers' which grows against the cattle barn's gable end is definitely a pruning labour of love. I find it almost hard to believe she'll look like this come early Summer.

She who remains nameless, just by the front door, gets cut back hard. Frequently this rose attracts powdery mildew so a merciless chop helps to re-invigorate .

This is the least cared for rose I grow. She never gets watered unless it rains and even then, being under the eaves and thus in a rain shadow, rather less than all around her. She gets one handful of feed at the beginning of spring, not easy to scatter around as she literally grows through a gap in the terrace about ten centimetres in diametre and yet she does this,

which I find remarkable all things considered. Blooms like these, no fuss.