Friday, 16 September 2011

The Pamps have Pamped

I like Pampas grass. I guess it's just a question of scale, I know sometimes they can look oversized in a small space, but not here.

Looking through the pergola, across the tops of Stipa calamagrostis, you can see two Pamps, Cortaderia selloana, growing in front of La Forge. That's Miscanthus sinensis 'Juli' growing in the middle and to the fore. Now in it's second year, It has raced to become a good size, already the inflorescences ascend to a good seven feet and I'm sure next year it will become quite a specimen.

I always think September is a particularly nice month here in Aquitane. Early Autumn skies are the best together with generally settled and pleasantly warm weather. The pamp plumes look stunning against an azure sky, and will do for weeks until inclement weather arrives as we get later into Autumn.